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The Christmas holidays are over and we are back to work with a new year and new resolutions!

Covid restrictions are almost over, shops in the city have been opened again and it seems to be almost back to normality. 

Finally we are back to work twice in a week in the House of Arsis in Oraiokastro and the work excites me a lot because I am in love with small children. 

Giusi Andriano January 2021

My colleague and flatmate Ilaria and I are trying to give everything we can, despite the barriers dictated by the pandemic and the social distance. In addition to the pre-established activities, nothing prevents us from transmitting something human to them!

This is the most important thing for me, which I do not want to miss. 

The child in the photo is one of the newcomers and he is the one I am most fond of. The first day he arrived I found him apparently at ease, already included in the group of the little ones.

He is very lively and also very affectionate, and when he greets me hugging me it warms my heart!

I also met older girls, aged 16 and 17 who for me are the most “demanding” because they are fully aware of their situation, with whom I try to have long conversations and help deal with their shortcomings. It’s psychologically hard work but I wouldn’t see myself anywhere else in the world right now

I hope we can return to total normality soon, I hope before the end of our project to make the most of this social work and give, at the same time, the best of ourselves.