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January was a strange month, very quiet at times and very restless at others. Unfortunately we had to be away from the shelter for a period of quarantine and those days were more empty and boring. But then, once back at the shelter, we got back into the rhythm of activities, games, homework, etc. We have almost finished an enormous 1000-piece puzzle that we started together with the children!

New children have arrived and others have left. In these months the children have really grown up a lot, we realised this by looking at old photos with which we made a video for the association.
I am still doing Italian lessons to a Somali guy who wants to reach Italy: he is very dedicate and I really enjoy having lessons with him.

In our free time we have continued to explore the city among vintage markets, cinema and walks in the upper town. By now I feel at home in Thessaloniki, I know the streets, the shops, the bars and restaurants. The ladies in the shop where I buy my wool and cotton for the crochet now greet me as a regular customer and I’m glad I still have a couple of months to discover more of the city!