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February is the last full month we will spend here in Greece. It’s gone by in a flash and so much has happened!
At the shelter we have welcomed a new girl and we have bonded more with the newcomers; it is very nice to learn to understand their needs and wishes.

This month we celebrated Smoked Thursday together: the children dressed up and we played in the courtyard with their chosen costumes. After the afternoon at the shelter we stopped in Oreakastro and had the chance to taste the souvlaki that several people were grilling in the street and offering to all the passers-by: a very local and super fun experience!

Other activities continue as usual, including beadwork, football games, cuddling the kittens in the garden and schoolwork. By now I feel at home at the shelter and I can’t imagine that in a few weeks all this won’t already be part of my daily routine!

At home we had Sara’s birthday and celebrated it with an Italian dinner – a great way to end the month!