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November has been the fourth month of my stay in Thessaloniki and different pleasure moments happened.

I passed the Wednesday nights at Scholeio listening to wonderful jam sessions played by some musicians with guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, and clarinet. The girls and I organized a trip to Fragma Thermis, a very suggestive place close to Thessaloniki, around 10 km far, where you can escape a little bit from the city noise. The day was very rainy and windy so every ten minutes we were searching for a shelter. Even if the weather wasn’t good, I had fun and enjoyed that new spot. It’s a very magical area with an artificial lake where you can find pines, cypresses, seagulls, ducks and frogs.

This month was so emotional with the guys in the shelter. We spent beautiful moments together.
First of all, we celebrated Alex’s birthday and we decided to discover a new place with the guys: we had a trip to Agia Triada. We walked, danced, sang, ate some chocolate sticks, saw the awesome sea, played with the ball and cuddled a few stray dogs. We took a lot of pictures and videos to remember this moment forever.
The most touching moment for me was telling the guys that I had found a job in Italy so I would say goodbye to them at the end of November. I learnt a lot in these months from each guy, worker and colleague. For my last day in the project Alex, Laura and I organised a treasure hunt in Thessaloniki with the guys. We did different and very funny challenges: we reproduced Mary Poppins’ position at the Umbrellas place, we walked along Thessaloniki in several couples, in which the blindfolded person was led by the other guy, we imitated the way of walking of one of us, we played broken telephone game and others… until the final game: we divided into two teams and we had to find the object that the other team hid. I didn’t know and was so unexpected that the treasure to discover was a gift for me from my housemates, the guys from the shelter, workers and people with whom I shared something in these magical months.

I am so grateful for every moment I passed in Greece with people that I met! The only words that really can describe what I feel are: Ευχαριστώ, شکریہ, thank you, متشکرم, gracias, merci, grazie. Always with me.