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This month of September was a stimulating month, and challenging, this volunteer mission
at the shelter pushes me to give the best of me and sometimes to push my limits; for
example, with the boys of the shelter we participated in the Festival of Multilingualism to
introduce the culture of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. They made a presentation
of their countries and their cultures via a slideshow , and we sang and danced to traditional
Afghan music (total improvisation). It was a pure moment of joy and sharing,the memory of
this moment filled me with gratitude and it will remain in my memory for a long time.
Mid-September I had a week’s vacation and I took advantage of this time off to explore new
places. I left with only my backpack for company to go camping in the seaside resort of Neo
Marmaras. The resort was calm because of the end of the summer season. I took advantage
of this serenity to visit the ancient village Parthenonas dating from the Byzantine period and
to swim in the turquoise waters of these heavenly beaches.
As well as the previous month, I organized and participated in many French and English
lessons, in sports and artistic activities and also games. I discovered a new card game
typical of Pakistan: the Babi toula.
Exchanges with the boys at the shelter happen more and more naturally, and are always
very interesting. I’m gradually learning different words in their mother tongues (Farsi,
I was also an interpreter at the “Youth center” to facilitate communication between the
unaccompanied minors from Congo who spoke French and the interpreter of the center. The
purpose of this interview was to facilitate communication and to help young people in their
job search, to know their professional objectives and the different steps to take (routine to
adopt, creation of CV, vision of the future, action plan to define..)