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This month was a little bit unpredictable. At the beginning of September there was one covid case in the shelter, but luckily only one guy was positive and the other only had to do the quarantine. We couldn’t go to work for 2 weeks but we tried to be in touch with the guys doing videocalls or sharing music and videos with them. When we finally arrived in the shelter everybody had a lot of energy to do things!

We also had two excursions to Halkidiki. We spent all the day in the beach swimming, playing volleyball and instruments, and at the end we ate all together in a restaurant. It was so nice saw them all out of the shelter enjoying the food and the company. The travel in the bus was so funny, all the guys were singing and playing drums! It was one of the happiest moments that I spend with them. 

This month also arrived three Danish boys for an internship of social working. They are going to be in the shelter until January so we are a lot of people working together in Pylaia hand to hand. It’s very nice to have social workers close to us because we are learning a lot from them (I studied medicine for example, and I’m not familiar with a lot of theorical terms we can see in the shelter). 

We are doing sport a lot of sport activities like football, volleyball or cricket (this last one specially with the Pakistani boys) but also playing cards or some handmade workshops. There are one guy that is super creative doing paper flowers and he try to teach us (but we are not so good as him!)

In September two boy left the shelter: Salman from Pakistan and Zidane from Syria. We were so happy for them because there are going to be with their families and finally they can start the recompose their live, but we are going to miss them a lot! They cooked a delicious meal for all of us in order to say goodbye.

This month I went to visit one friend to Lesbos and I spent there almost five days. I met a lot of volunteers who were working in the camp and I could understand a little bit better the reality of this particular island. I was surprised with Lesbos because I didn’t expect such a beautiful place! It’s full of little town with lovely people always ready to talk with you and makes you feel at home. It’s was amazing!

And at the end, we finally start the Greek lessons with our volunteer teacher Xenia. I’m so happy for having properly lessons and I hope in a few month we are able to communicate a little bit in Greek (but I’m not very optimistic, Greek is so difficult!)