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This month was full of activities and travels

In the shelter we said goodbye to four guys that went to Germany. 

The previous days before they left, they cooked the typical food of their countries for everyone: Biryani (rice with vegetables, chicken and yogurt) from Pakistan and Kabuli Pulao (rice with carrot, lamb and raisin) from Afghanistan.

We also painted a lot on this month. We spend four of five days creating beautiful draws in order to decorate the hole hall of the shelter. 

In this month we started a Movie Night activities with the porpoise of spend time with the guys watching films from their countries and try to discuss a little bit the plot after the film. 

Apart from that, we also started some gender workshop in order to discuss the differences between biological sex and gender, gender roles, physical and emotional orientation… The first and the second ones were a little bit chaotic bit in the end I think it was a very nice start. We want to continue with this workshops one a week, so we have plenty of time to talk and discuss with them. 

On the 25 of November we also had a workshop for the international day for the elimination of the violence against woman. We watched some videos, we tried to understand the term “violence against woman” and we discussed a little bit about their realities. 

The last weekend of the month, they had an amazing day with the Sea Scouts. They met each other, played games, learnt about boats and sailing and ate traditional Greek food. It was a funny and different day for them, and they really enjoyed. 

In the other hand, we did a couple of amazing trips. One weekend we went to Kavala and the forest nearby, and the next weekend we went to Meteora, Ioannina and Vikos Gorges. 

The north of Greece has a lot of amazing and beautiful places to discover, the problem is that the winter is here and is freezing us!!