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Discovering Thessaloniki

The first month is done and a lot of feelings come to my mind. I remember when I came to Thessaloniki and I hardly knew something about the city. It was an old city and sometimes dirty but there are a lot of beautiful streets and places to walk around or just to stay. You also have to take advantage of the fact that Thessaloniki is a huge city and has a lot of things to do and places to visit. For example, it is a university city so there are a lot of people of my age in the streets on weekends and of course, the university area is also cheaper so I have to visit it more often.

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Then I met the people with I work to, the kids with I work for and the place where I work. This change everything. The way the children welcome me put a smile on my face and it is awesome the way they live without realizing what really happens and acting like kids their age. Also, there are teenagers but, you know, they already have their life, but they also help you to make your day to day better.

Of course, you must fight the day to day, the experience of sharing a flat and above all, the challenge of living in the middle of a pandemic age. Adding the difficulty of the Greek language and the character of some Greeks, always shouting and driving like crazy people but step by step you get used to it. Now I am nervous about what new challenges are waiting for me on this city because, right now, there is a lockdown on the city and every little thing could change in a while.