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David Ajenjo_November 2020

This month was quite difficult, I tried not to become crazy all day at home, trying to be distracted spending the time in good ways like reading, learning Greek, watching films or series, going for walks in Anopoli, where I can feel so relaxed. I try to maintain myself in a positive way, trying to be productive and thinking that all this situation will finish soon and we will have our “lives” again, because i really want to live this experience at 100%, but i know that it doesn’t depend on me so I can only wait.

This week I’ve maken a presentation about the Spanish Gypsy history. It was so interesting to learn about them, because I always loved the Gypsy culture and their way of living and also I worked in my last job in Spain with many Gypsies. So if I liked their culture before, now so much more, because I investigated a lot of things about their origin, culture, music that I didn’t know, and it is amazing how much I have discovered.

On the other hand I was talking on Instagram with some boys of Pylea, asking how they are, telling them that they have to do productive things because I know that it is hard to face another quarantine and it can be very frustrating.