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May was a month full of light, was the beginning of the new normality, all the restrictions about de covid were slowly taking off and we were allowed to travel.

I rented a car with some friends and we went to Meteora, a little village three hours from Thessaloniki. We spent 2 days there. The place was incredibly beautiful,  there are huge rock formations that I have never seen in my life and some spectacular views. On the top of the mountains there are some monasteries and we could visit one.  

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When we were coming back, we stopped at Mount Olympus, but we just visited the village and we drove around the mountains to see the views, it was so impressive.

In the middle of May,I went to Halkidiki with some friends, we spent three days on those paradisiacal beaches, it was one of the best beaches and water I’ve ever seen in my life. I really want to come back some day.

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Referring to work (not everything can be dream trips), we also have more freedom to go out of the shelter and do some outside activities. I went with some boys for a walk near the shelter.Also all the boys and workers went to a farm one hour away from Thessaloniki and we spent all the day there, riding horses, doing archery and learning about animals and how take care of them, it was a super nice experience  see how the boys  enjoy and can do something different of their day a day.

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On the other hand I continue doing lessons and some sports with them. I invited to the shelter on friend of mine who loves theatre and i thought that the boys will enjoy her activities so she came and we did some theatre activities, it was very funny.

To finish, I would like to write about my amazing flatmates. Marta,  she just stayed here  one month, and in this short  time we created a great relationship. I’m gonna miss her so much, because she is an amazing person.

And Rossana, my soulmate in this adventure. I’m very happy to meet her and to find someone with this special conexion. All our adventures  full of laughts and love, I will miss her so much.

It is sad when you share one experience with some persons who left before you, but I always want to think how lucky I am to have met all my friends here  around all the world, this is the most grateful thing i keep.