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On February arrived two news flatmates, always is nice meet new people for me and more in covid time that you can’t meet many people around. I feel very good with them, we are spending great times and laughs together.

David Ajenjo February 2021

Related to work, I’m still having so beautiful days with the boys. I’m still teaching Spanish and English classes, they learn so fast and it’s nice to see their motivation. Also playing games like volleyball, football, chess or ping-pong. It’s always  wonderful to see them enjoying, for me it´s the most grateful thing.

David Ajenjo February 2021 2

Acting for the day father for a video of one guy to post in instagram.

As to my personal life, i try to spend my free time with some friends, going for a walks in the beautiful days.

David Ajenjo February 2021 3
David Ajenjo February 2021 4