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David Ajenjo_December 2020

December was a month of reflection, I have thought a lot about myself, on how to move forward in these uncertain times and working hard on my mental health; writing, drawing, studying Greek, and taking walks around town. The positive side of all this is that the creative side has emerged, a way to bring out my frustrations and emotions. I have surprised myself, because in a normal situation I would not have done these things. I have realized that from this situation in which we live, beautiful things can also arise that you do not expect and bring out your most creative and emotional side.

Without a doubt, the best thing that I am taking from this adventure are the friendships I am making. Before the quarantine I met some U.S.B volunteers by chance at a party and little by little I got to know everyone from these house. From the first moment I felt very integrated with them and now I am one of the family. Many times I think that if I had not known them this experience would have been much more difficult, I feel privileged to have shared so many moments with so many wonderful people from all over the world, the feeling is fascinating and something new is always learned every day.

This December has been very special for us because we have been together at Christmas and New Years, very emotional moments for all, away from our families.

We have organized some very special parties and we have taken care of each other, which for me is the most important thing on these dates, to feel the love of those around you.