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The Expected Beginning

I really wanted to live this experience, I was very impatient to get here.

On the way home from the airport, Thessaloniki seemed a bit sad and cold to me. When I arrived at my new home my colleagues welcomed me with open arms.

The next day I realized how warm and beautiful the city is, I felt the great desire to know each place and each person. I loved the good weather here, always sunny. My favourite place in the city without a doubt is Anopoli, the upper part of the city. I fell in love with those narrow streets full of graffiti where cats always accompany you. The truth is that I adapted quickly and without a problem, during this time I have met wonderful people with whom I feel very wrapped up.

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Regarding my volunteering at Pylea, I feel very fortunate to be able to be with these guys and that my stay here can help them for something in the future or simply to make them smile. Every day I spend with them is characterized by constant learning: it is incredible the feeling of improvement that these guys makes me feel, even if they have been through terrible experiences, away from their families and not knowing what the future will bring. They always greet me with a smile, they are super friendly and grateful for every little thing people do with them, in general, they have a very good attitude, always wanting to learn and I could never have imagined having such good complicity that reminds me so much to the Spanish character.

Contrary to my old work experience in the centre of a minor where the boys’ attitudes were quite different, I have come to the conclusion that the role of the workers is so important so that the boys can feel good in these difficult situations. In Pylea there is a very familiar atmosphere and respect for all, essential aspects for good coexistence in a centre. I am very proud of the magnificent coordination that exists between workers so that minors obtain the greatest benefits that are within their reach for their future and even more when institutions often do not make it easy.

Coming to difficulties, one of them is the language: sometimes I feel a bit out of place at work, because everyone speaks Greek (as it’s normal), but on the other hand, I would love to learn it and I have already got down to work. Another small difficulty is that sometimes I get a little frustrated when doing activities with the minors because I can’t think of something creative and useful, I know that the leisure and play opportunities that exist at this time with COVID are scarce. Now with the confinement, things are getting more complicated, we will have to wait for how they evolve and I only hope to be able to continue with my project and enjoying this country and its people.

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