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Darrio Sottocorno_June

The second month of my experience in Greece: from first steps to confidence

dario june 1

Going around Thessaloniki

Two months is the right time to feel at ease in a new place. The castle we have built together with the kids last week represents it well. My confidence with Thessaloniki has grown and after two months I can find easily my way in and out the city. Simple things as the best coffee close to the office, the right bus to take for different places, alternatives for a walk are in my mind, as the initial ability to welcome and guide others. At first I was surprised by how strong cold coffee can be: now, with longer and warmer days, I’ve learnt how to drink it. Extremely slowly, but continuously. It can save your life! I am also improving fast with the Greek language. I am really proud of my simple sentences and apparently, in this case also, the embarrassment is gone: now I want to speak better and better.

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