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The month of retrospections

May have been a month in which the measures for going back to normal started to be established slowly and surely. It was a month in which I reflected on my activities are undertaken so far and in which I gained digital skills. As the restriction regarding the educational activities were still in place, I had time to create materials that showed my experience here and to write about the stories that marked my experience as a volunteer. I realized once again the importance of the European Union and thought about its evolution on the 9th of May. I always believed that I benefited from a European education and after this experience, I can fully convinced say that I benefited from European life experiences in general. I had the opportunity to understand better the world, to face different and sometimes difficult situations, to learn, and to grow in diverse environments.


Related to the activities done this month, I hope you will watch the video about my experience in Thessaloniki, also there is a leaflet with some stories that marked me during this time spent here. I could in this way to valorize my storytelling skills and to shake from dust the moviemaking skills. It was very pleasant to search through memories and tools and to create something that may be useful. Well, from June the things are more active and the entire work duties are revived so until the next report, I hope you will enjoy the materials that I talked about. 

Corina Chircea,

ESC volunteer in Arsis (October 2019 – April 2020)