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Colors of Kindness

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Title of project: «Colors of Kindness»

Duration of implementation: January – June 2022

Budget: EUR 1960

ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth and Amal Alliance ( are developing a partnership aiming to create and promote an appropriate basis for Quality Holistic Learning, Social and Emotional Learning in education in the emergency situations in Greece.

Its goal is every child to have the fundamental right in education, game and to be provided with the skills and tools they need in order to reach their full potential. Modern pedagogical teaching practices and an essential reading practice in children’s mother tongues are used to prepare students for future opportunities and success. By creating a safe space for children to learn and play and by laying the groundwork for careful movement and breathing practice, they cultivate a sense of inner peace that helps children to develop concentration and confidence in order to learn and grow in an unfamiliar environment.  

Amal Alliance (Amal Alliance, Inc.) in direct collaboration with the Learning Equality and EASEL Lab of the Harvard Graduate School of Education (, aspires to create a strong evidence base.

As part of this collaboration, ARSIS with the help of Amal Alliance will apply in a pilot form for the 16 weeks the “Colors of Kindness” in non-formal education structures in groups of minors 6-12 years.

The “Colors of Kindness” program seeks as a result:

  • To increase the feeling of self-knowledge by allowing children to recognize the emotions they experience and the role they play in their lives.
  • It cultivates the confidence and the self-esteem of children for their own abilities.
  • Enhances the ability to manage their behaviors, their thoughts and their feelings in a conscious and productive way.
  • It cultivates self-management skills by developing children’s ability to solve problems and achieve goals.
  • Development of skills of observation, of reflection and objectivity in order to form the criterion for responsible decisions
  • Develops effective communication skills and recognize the importance of respect and dignity in personal relationships
  • Encourage children to explore different ways of working together through respect and meaningful relationships.
  • Cultivation of practices of empathy and gratitude when they are in difficult situations.
  • It cultivates the desire of children to explore the unknown, to learn new things and to broaden their horizons.

For more information:

ARSIS Youth Support Center

9 Spartis str, 54640, Thessaloniki

Tel. +30 2311242956