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My month of September was much more boring than the previous ones because I spent three weeks in isolation for Covid. I stayed in my room for a while and was only able to return to the centre a few days ago. I really missed the activities at the centre, the children’s voices, their laughter, the games, the fights, the jokes. When I finally came back, it was a very touching moment: even though less than a month had passed, many of them ran towards me, jumping into my arms, hugging me and asking me a thousand questions. It was like being back home.

Coming back was also chaotic, the children had started school in the meantime and the daily activities had changed a lot. We try to help them as much as we can with their homework, even though we know little Greek and we often try to play with the children who have already finished or are waiting their turn to do it with the educators. We have less time to do big group activities, but it is still very nice because we can spend more time with small groups or even individual children, thus deepening our relationship with them even more.

The weekend I came back, I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful Greek wedding: with dancing, traditional activities, dancing again, food and tzipouro, it was really an unforgettable evening. It was also great to see my fellow adventurers again: we went for a walk on Mount Olympus to celebrate a birthday and it was a great day spent together. The mountain was really cold (for me, being veeeeery cold) but the views we saw were beautiful and we talked about all sorts of things as we walked.

I’m very happy to be back and I’m looking forward to spending the next few months with the guys at the centre!