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November was a month full of news and experiences.

At the shelter we started to prepare the objects for the big bazaar that will take place next weekend: some children helped us with drawings, bracelets, shapes with beads. The house has been completely decorated for Christmas and it is now full of lights, trees, colored balls, Christmas items. The atmosphere is beautiful and the children are very happy that Christmas is coming: they wrote their letters asking Santa Claus for a present and they were super excited when doing this!

With the other volunteers we took several trips, visiting Kavala, the Meteors and Ioannina, all wonderful places to explore and to spend the free time in the weekend!

Then there was my birthday: Sara and I cooked a typical Italian dinner of lasagna and tiramisu, finally Italian food after a long time!

Everything is going well and we have already passed the halfway point of the project, time really flies!