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December has gone by really fast.
The Christmas atmosphere in the house is very much felt by everyone, especially the children who are very happy and always cheerful. The decorations have adorned the house and with the children we have created letters for Santa and other decorations for the house.

We have now a very good relationship with the children and young people and the days are always full of things to do: games, artistic creations, outdoor activities, language courses, trips to the city centre. I am really happy with how we have been able to connect with the children and young people and I am sad to think that we are now well over half way through our experience here.

At the beginning of the month we partecipated in the international day of volunteers, a very nice occasion to spend time with other volunteers and meet new people. We had a gazebo in the city center with a lot of gadgets and pamphlets to inform people. We also went to some public places to remove the graffiti and clean the signs they covered.

During the first weeks of the month, we organised the Christmas Bazaar: we prepared items, sometimes with the children, to sell, and then we also participated in the city centre market. It was very nice to be able to contribute to such an important moment for the House!

Happy New Year to all!