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September has been the second month of my stay in Thessaloniki.

This month has been very precious.

In the middle of September, I went on a five-day trip. The destinations were: 2 days in Meteora, 1 day in Vergina and 2 days in Halkidiki. If somebody asked me “Where’s the best place you’ve visited in Greece?” I would not have difficulty saying Meteora! There is a new and never felt atmosphere, it’s a mix of history, silence, respect and contemplation for the nature and people that have lived there. I think this trip has made me closer to Greece.

The shelter this month was full of activity. In the first days of September, we participated in the multilingualism festival through presentations about Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and sang and danced to Afghan songs. Through that moment I learned the strength to be one even if we were more than ten. I am so grateful to have met these guys and to work with them.

Moreover, during the month some children and I had many Italian classes that allowed me to be more comfortable than ever. I love teaching and thanks to them I am learning the importance and the real effort it takes to speak other languages. It’s true that speaking a language that you don’t know is a brave action.