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August was the first month of my stay in Thessaloniki!

I arrived the morning of the third of August from Italy.

Before coming here I was incredulous, motivated and ready to start this new experience but only once I came here I realised the “new” life. I was welcomed from Thessaloniki in the best way possible: a beautiful and speechless sunset in Ano Poli. I went there to see the panorama from the ancient city walls. I was surprised and breathless, one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Moreover, one thing surprised me a lot: the many stray cats along the streets and the many citizens that help them with food, water or milk and cuddles.

Another important experience of this new adventure was the Samothraki trip in the middle of August. A beautiful and free hippie island! We decided to sleep in a borrowed tent. The trip had made us ready to share everything: setting up the tent took us 3 or 4 hours while the evening was getting darker and one night our tent turned into a swimming pool due to the rain. I will never forget it!

During this month, I also started to work in the shelter with minors. For the guys was the last month of “free time” before starting school in September. We played ping pong, basketball, volleyball and football a lot. One of the main games that we liked playing was the UNO game. It’s very funny hearing the different accents that we have when we say “UNOOOO!”. We also had different types of classes, for example English and Italian classes and computer classes.

September is coming and I am very curious to discover what will happen…