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October has been the third month of my stay in Thessaloniki and several events happened.

At the beginning of October, I celebrated my birthday. During this day I realized one important thing: even if I don’t like celebrating and doing something for my birthday, people close to me remind me of the gifts that they are for me. One of my best Italian friends came here for the weekend and together we had a beautiful (and a little tiring 😅) trip around Thessaloniki. The most beautiful moment was our breakfasts at the port: coffee, pieces of cake, sun and our surprised and happy feeling of being together in a new country. My dear flatmates and guys from the shelter are teaching me to be myself, accepting and working on my insecurities, every day they give me time, comprehension, smiles and trust. It’s impossible to say the love I feel for them.

This month something else happened. My adorable Miriam came back to Italy, but we promised each other to meet as soon as we can in Venice. Some workers in the shelter left the job, some guys went away for different reasons, so we tried to give them the best goodbye present: a piece of paper with photos and inscriptions from everybody in the shelter. When someone leaves, it is always a bit sad and difficult, but we are happy to have met them during our life journey.

Moreover, in October I had a beautiful experience with two guys: we went to an office of Arsis to listen to the project “Road to Adulthood – Mentorship Helping Migrant and Refugee Unaccompanied Minors Navigate Adulthood” for the support of unaccompanied minors and young people during their transition to adulthood. They can be involved in this project to find a local mentor to help them be more integrated and included in Thessaloniki.

In the end, I would like to say “Good luck!” to the fantastic people to whom I said goodbye this month. Thank you for everything!