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My adventure in Thessaloniki began in the heart of summer, at the same time when students and vacationers had packed their bags to reach the lower coasts of the Aegean Sea and recharge their batteries on the many paradisiacal islands (Halkidiki, Skopélos, Samothraki…)
The city was calmer and more accessible to explore, so I took the opportunity to walk the streets with my camera and I discovered Greek culture and the art that brings its streets, bars and restaurants to life. It was also a good time to meet new people and learn about my flatmates.

A few days after my arrival, I started my volunteering at the shelter where I met the young teenagers who lived there, I learned to discover them not only through long and interesting conversations about our cultures but also through fun games allowing them to study the basics of English, as well as through sports activities such as football, basketball and beach volleyball. I also discovered Afghan and Pakistani music there, by sharing a few moments of dancing with them.