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The beginning of October was eventful with a series of departures. I had to say goodbye to some people that I love very much, as several social workers, and boys from the shelter and one of my house mates. These moments made me realize how precious the time spent with them was and how lucky Im to have lived part of my experience with them. 

I can’t tell you how much all these people, with their courage, maturity and strength of character, have been a source of inspiration to me. 

We celebrated their departure with music, and to show them our support, our affection and to wish them the best possible future, we created support cards together with many photos that everyone signed. These moments of gathering, sharing and solidarity sometimes make me nostalgic.

Shortly after the arrival of new boys at the shelter, mostly from Afghanistan, we got to know each other through exchanges about our experiences and cultures, through educational and sports

The birthday of one of my house mates  also arrived, and we celebrated it at the shelter with the boys by tasting delicious Pakistani sweets and talking about our respective cultures.

In mid October I organized with two of my roommates an excursion to discover the famous Meteora. I found the place almost unreal, it was the first time I had the chance to see such a spectacular place. From the top of the hudge rocks, I could admire the splendor of the monasteries with the interior decorated with large frescoes. It was a peaceful place with a rich history. I recharged my batteries and learned more about the history of Greece and the daily life of Orthodox monks.