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This month of November has been full of changes. Having been down for a few weeks and suffering from chronic fatigue, I needed to ask myself the right questions about my experience so far, and about everything I had learned from others and myself.
I realized that I was slowly learning to be myself, accept myself with my imperfections and overcome my insecurities.
I realized that too often, for fear of going out of my comfort zone, I limited myself to learning new skills, new knowledge and that it also limited me when I had to organize various artistic or educational activities on a daily basis.

Mid of November, my birthday was fast approaching and my always caring roommates wanted to organize a beautiful day for me. So they asked me what I wanted to do, I told them my greatest gift would be to spend this moment with them and the boys at the shelter.

We went to one of the most beautiful beaches of Thessaloniki (Agia Triada) which is not far from the shelter and we shared a moment of joy and their presence, their smiles and their show of affection, confidence in me fills me with an inexplicable feeling of love and makes this day unforgettable.

In the days that followed, Arsis organized a concert and dance party for all families and youth at the youth center. The atmosphere was very festive and friendly and I found it interesting to talk with parents and children about our experience in Greece and in our native countries. I also had the chance to see some young people who had left the shelter for a few weeks and who had come to attend the event, it was also a good time to get together.

At the end of November something happened: my dear and wonderful roommate returned to Italy.I was sad when she left, and I still feel her absence every day. She had the gift of spreading good humor and love wherever she went. I can’t tell you how much I love her and how much she inspired me on a daily basis. I wish her all the best for the future and to be happy.

So that the boys have the opportunity to enjoy these last moments with her before her return to Italy. Also they were able to discover more about the city center and the history. Because we organized a treasure hunt in the city of Thessaloniki, with several fun and educational challenges.

Thank you again to the boys, the social workers and my wonderful roommates, here and elsewhere, for being present and trusting me, supporting me and sharing these moments of joy with me.