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Alex Galand_September

Reflecting on the role of the volunteer

What is the purpose of the volunteer in such an environment? This question might be simple to answer for some, but it actually needs more reflection than it seems. The volunteer is not a psychologist or a teacher and thus sometimes it feels difficult to find the right place in the shelter.

galand september

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of activities one does with the minor, the most important is just one’s recurring presence in the shelter. Indeed, the status of the volunteer places him or her in a position which can be called “in between”. The volunteer is not part of the paid staff, which is here the “controlling part” in the shelter and thus can come in collision with the boys. The Volunteer is also not part of the minor’s group and can thus have a healthy connection with the staff. Therefore, being not part of any team, one can create a bond of trust with the minors faster than the workers while still be connected to the staff.

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