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Alex Galand_August

Recreational activities with unaccompanied minors

Recreational activities play a big part of the welfare of the minors. Sports favour team spirit, physical activity, respect of the other and communication. Board games are a good way to teach vocabulary and communication in group of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and religions as well as to check the wellbeing of the boys without them knowing. Regular field trip to the beach, camping, amusement park or city centre are also a way to get out of the close environment of the shelter which can burden heavily the minds of both the minors and the workers. During these field trips, the challenge is to canalize the energy of the minors and avoid any problem with the local population, here again the trust created previously plays a great role in keeping the situation under control. The unpredictable behaviour of the boys, as well as the rudeness of some locals are a challenge for the staff, the presence of a good cultural mediator/translator is then paramount to avoid any complication.

planetarium galand august

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