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We started this last month trying to organise all the activities that we wanted to do with the guys. English lessons, art activities like drawing, sports, handcrafts… etc. We did dreamcatchers with some recycled material that we found in the house like branches, buttons and thread, and also kites with plastic bags and wooden sticks.

The kites are very common in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so most of them know how to do one from zero. For me, it was very meaningful that we did it just now that the Taliban is ruling in Afghanistan again, because they forbid this game the first time that they achieved the power. 

One of the main activities was about the international mother language. We wrote some of the most common sentences in the languages that we speak in the shelter: English, Greek, Urdu, Farsi, Arab, Spanish and Italian. It was really nice to see them involved in the activity, even they don’t know perfectly the grammatical rules, they were very excited about sharing their own languages.

February was also full of joy and celebrations. We had two birthdays at home so we did two parties full of amazing and homemade Italian food: pizza, pistachio mousse, cappelletti, mascarpone cream… Accompanied of course with Greek wine and Ouzo!

The end of February was accompanied by the beautiful events. We got surprised by the beginning of the blossoming: the trees that we have in pylaia were full of lovely white and pink flowers, and of course, the Carnaval! 

The 24th of February the city was full of people dancing, drinking and eating. We enjoy a lot the ambiance in the streets but we also went to see a traditional music concert in Viome, and naturally, we ate the traditional Carnaval souvlaki! It was a wonderful day.