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This month in the shelter was full of emotions. As much time we spend there, as closer we are with the guys. They are starting to trust in us and share worries or stories more personals, which is very nice but sometimes it’s a little bit difficult for us because we are living in a complete different word. 

Last August I met one German woman that works in the circus and she told me that in a couple of months she will return to Thessaloniki in order to do a circus workshop for refugee people, and finally this moment arrive! We went with the guys for three days to the Fix in Art (an old abandoned factory that is a social centre now).

It was a little bit difficult to convince them to go to the workshop but finally they really enjoy playing with the balls, hula hoops and aerial dance. One of the days Sara and Anita (the other volunteers that we are living with) brought the children of their shelter, it was very nice to stay all together and meet new people. 

This month we also have the arrival training. It was useful in order to get some information about the personal projects that we can create and another technical stuff about the ESC and our right and duties as volunteers. We met some people living in Thessaloniki but also from another cities in Greece. 

This month one of the guys that was in the shelter for a long time went to Spain! It was very sad to say goodbye to him because we are so close, but at the same time it was amazing to see him so happy and excited about the travel, to see his family, to arrive in Spain…. The day before he left we cooked Biryani (a Pakistani traditional food) and we spend all the afternoon together. Now he is in Madrid and he is starting his new life there. I’m so glad for him!

The rest of the days we keep playing sports like cricket, volleyball or football. We also try to play music with the instruments they have in the shelter: guitar and drums. For the moment we are not experts but we will see at the end of the year!

Out of the project, this month I had some workshop about sexual education and we are creating a performance for the Folk Museum! I’m very excited with this project and very glad because I met a lot of amazing woman from Thessaloniki. I also started contemporary dance classes and it is being incredible how much fun I have with that. Last week they invite us to a performance of Cretan music and dance in the Concert Hall that was amazing! 

I’m feeling very comfortable in the city and in the project, but also the atmosphere in the house is very nice, we really find a safety space here.