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We started the month decorating the shelter with the Christmas tree and the rest of the adornments. Even they are mostly Muslims and they have different traditions and dates to celebrate, it was very nice see them participating in the process of decorate the house and being curious about the traditions in Greece. 

They cooked some traditional Arab dessert called Basbousa, it was delicious! 

This month also arrived in the shelter a table football, so we organised some tournament with the guys and they took it very serious! We spent the whole day with the matches and at the end we discovered who was the best couple: two Arab boys that didn’t lose neither one match! 

The 23rd some classmates of the guys came to Pylaia and spent the morning singing traditional Christmas Greek songs, playing games, volleyball and drawing an enormous drawn all together. They also brought a lot of typical desserts for all of us.  

For the 24th of December, we spent the morning cooking with them and eating all together. We prepared an Italian receipt (some rice balls filled with cheese and fried) and a very personalised butter cookies (with the name of their favourite videogame: Pub G). 

On balance, it was a month full of changes, a lot of new guys arrived and some of them left, the Christmas holidays, the new decoration in the house, the table football… So we spent a lot of time approaching to the new ones and traying to understand the new reality in the shelter. 

Let see what is going to bring us the new year!