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The first month in Thessaloniki was full of new experiences and a lot of good feelings. I arrived in the city and one of the last volunteers of the project (who was in the house yet) show me the most beautiful parts of the city and introduced me to a lot of people, most of them volunteers of the ESC also. It was an incredible start for me because I discovered so quick places that probably I won’t find in months for my own.

The first impression of the city is so contradictory. In one hand is a crazy and noisy place, full of shops and people running to everywhere, but suddenly in the night, it became a place completely different. Everything is so chill, the bars are full of people and the ambience is so calm and beautiful (I really love the lights in the night of this city). I think that Thessaloniki is a city to know slowly, because you can discover new and amazing places every day.

I also start to go to Pyleia, the shelter with unaccompanied minors. They are from 12 to 18 years old and most of them are from Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also from Syria, Somalia, Egypt or India. It takes me a few time learn all the names because there are more than 25 and I’m not familiar with this kind of names. But finally I got it!

In the first place I introduced myself and I started to talk with them, to know where they are from, their history, their plans for future, how they feel… and it was easier than I expected because all of them were really open and honest with me.

During the first  week we started some English lessons but now in summer it’s difficult to stay in a room with this hot so most of the days we spend the afternoon talking, drawing and painting, playing volleyball in the garden or watching films. We spend a lot of time sharing things about our country or life stories, I feel that step by step we are building a beautiful relationship and I feel useful for them because they really need someone to express their feelings and talk about their concerns.

It’s amazing how generous they are, sharing everything that they have with us (food, games…). It is one of the great lessons that I’m learning here: even when you don´t have almost nothing, it’s beautiful to share it with others.

This month we could visit some places near the city. We went to Halkidiki a couple of times and we loved it, there are so many beautiful beaches and land scapes. We also went to Samothraki, an amazing island full of incredible people and hidden places. If I could I would like to stay there for week! But I’m really comfortable in Thessaloniki so I was happy for coming back to Leontos Sofou and continuing to work in the project.

If I have to do some resume of this month I would say that it was full of feelings (most of them really nice but also some sad and heavy feeling to deal with, especially with the guys in the shelter, but it’s part of the full experience).

I’m also learning a lot of Greece, about mythology, history, people… and I like it so much, I think the Spanish and Greek people have a lot of things in common, and it is a good feeling.

And for sure, I’m learning a lot of things about myself, how I can use my skills and also where my limits are. So it’s being a beautiful and complete experience that it’s helping me to understand things about others mind but also about mine.