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Aida Nicolás Pérez_January


Aida Nicolas Perez January 1

Finally I have reached the half of my project and it’s hard to believe that time runs this fast! It seems it was yesterday when I was leaving my hometown to start a new adventure but I actually feel many things have happened and changed. Since I came, my vision of the reality has changed and it is still changing; I suppose life is mostly about this, a constant change that you have to assimilate.

As I was feeling a bit stressed with my project in the centre, I decided to change it. Some of the volunteers that lived with me also decided to change their projects and felt better after it, so I thought it could be better for me too. So now I am three days at the centre, continuing with English and guitar lessons, and the other two days in mobile school.

The mobile school is a project about non-formal education in which the main objective is bringing schooling near to the kids. Through this the workers can have an idea about the socioeconomic background of the children, and detect if any of them is at risk of exclusion with the aim to implement the necessary measures to protect the kids. It consists on different panels that cover the main areas of learning, like maths or linguistics, but with games and alternative ways of teaching.

I haven’t been many days out with the mobile school but I really like it and it makes me feel so good. For me is completely different to be in the centre that being in the park with the kids. In the park there’s so much more freedom for the children and they behave naturally so it’s easier to put in practice a real non-formal education. Teaching in the centre has other good things, maybe more facilities, but in this sense is more limited.

Aida Nicolas Perez January 2

In my opinion is very important as a volunteer to always consider the possibility of changing the project if it doesn’t makes you feel good with what you are doing. And I also think this is a lesson to apply to daily life. You shouldn’t cope with something that doesn’t make you happy, and change what bothers you is always a chance to make your life and the one of those near you better and more satisfying.