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Aida Nicolás Pérez_December

Patience and resilence

I’m about reaching half of my volunteering experience and I can’t feel more grateful  and lucky than I do of have being selected to participate in this beautiful project within Arsis. I knew that I was going to learn quite a lot of things, but I couldn’t imagine how much this experience was going to change the way I see the reality around me and the way I behave myself.

Aida Nicolas Perez December 1

Now things start to get quiet and calm, after the first weeks of craziness that usually people go through while trying to adapt to a new and different culture. I have to admit that my culture of origin, the Spanish one, doesn’t differ too much from the Greek, but any way it has been a bit challenging for me. And for sure I have to thank a lot all the people that made this simple, specially our dear Maggi, Eva and Panos, the responsible of the ESC volunteering program, who are always there to help us with everything we need.

Regarding the project I was feeling a little stressed about all the lessons I had to prepare, because my project now consist basically in teaching English and guitar. I thought that maybe it was time for a change and it was possible to explore other different projects.

During the first days I had the opportunity to try going on street work, which consist mostly on accompany people who needs help regarding appointments at the hospital, or maybe with some paper work, or to find where to stay… That kind of things; and I really liked it, so I considered it and I decided it was something that could make me feel good. After discussing it with my supervisor we together decided that I was going to do street work twice a week and the other three days I would stay at the centre going on with the lessons I had. I’m really excited about this change and I think it will make my volunteering experience more satisfying. So I’ll tell you in my next report!

Aida Nicolas Perez December 2

Coming back to the learning process, I have no words to express how much all this is giving to me in terms of practical knowledge. I have never been as patient as I’m being right now, and I think it’s something that I’ll feel grateful all my life. And of course, after all the stories I’ve hear about all the people that leave their countries looking for a better life, I can’t do anything but admire their capacity for being resilient, for passing through all those inconveniences and still going on. They make me feel so wondered about how incredible human beings can be.