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Aida Nicolás Pérez_February

Changes: part 2

In my last monthly report I talked about changes, the kind of changes you should make when you don’t feel comfortable with something you’re investing your time in. Well, everything seems so deceiving now that we have a virus moving freely between us. There are that type of changes that you can make whenever you want and this type of changes that are imposed and force you to understand that whatever you have planed is not important and you’ll have to wait.

                  From one day to another life has to stop. I don’t know how it came to you guys, but for me it was quite a shock. Last days of February I went to Copenhagen to visit some friends I met at Thessaloniki, and just one week later I visited my family back in Spain. Everything seemed so normal that it was impossible for me to imagine something like this was about to come, even with all the images we were receiving from China.


I suppose we need to lie to ourselves and convince us that everything is going to be fine, but we know deep inside that something new is coming and it will be challenging. Anyway, we could never have imagined a threat like this would arrive to our life. However, it came and it made us feel more vulnerable and weaker than ever. And suddenly all is different and there is no other option than adapting to it as good as we can. Then you start to feel small and insignificant, and you realize how delicate is to keep the balance in this world. But there’s not much we can do apart from accept it and try to cope with it the best you can.


These photos are from last days at the social centre before we couldn’t accept people anymore to go inside due to the measures to beat the Coronavirus. As you can see everything seemed so normal, we were happy, enjoying and playing UNO like nothing strange was coming. Then, the 12th of March it was decided that the volunteers must stopped their face-to-face activity until further notice, at that moment it was thought it was going to be the end of the month, and I really believed it too. Now I can’t feel anything but innocent and a bit stupid actually. So that’s life, one change after another. It’s true that the changes that we will face in the next months, even years, will be of great proportions and definitely shocking. But we have gone through worse things, and we’ll make it, with solidarity and helping each other we will manage to build a better society for all of us after all this is gone.