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Legal Service “Sym-Parastasi”


Solidarity Now is a network of people and organizations, which work together to help those who have been most affected by the financial crisis in Greece. On the 17nth of January 2014, Solidarity Now, the first SolidarityCenter in Thessaloniki has been launched.

Thessaloniki’s SolidarityCenter, according to it’s the network vision, aims to support the civil society organizations and the existing initiatives and it is open to anyone in need. It is located on the intersection of Leontos Sofou 26 and Egnatia, on the 1st floor. The SolidarityCenter operates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, except weekend and provides its support to the beneficiaries after setting an appointment. The Center offers three services. The Legal Service, provided by ARSIS, the Medical Assistance, provided by PRAKSIS and the Social Service, which is provided to both the aforementioned services’ beneficiaries. For more information about the SolidarityCenter see or call the phone numbers 2310-50 10 30 and 2310- 50 10 40.

Legal Service “Sym- Parastasi” is provided by ARSIS and it is operating inside the SolidarityCenter. The service’s aim is to provide free of charge legal support to the citizens, both Greek and immigrants/ refugees, who suffers from the financial crisis or are member of socio-economically disadvantaged groups. All the citizens are eligible to the free legal support, as long as they meet the financial criteria.

Legal Service “Sym- Parastasi” provides specialized legal advice, including mediation, informal or via official mechanisms, informing the beneficiaries about current programs that also provide free legal assistance (legal aid) and referring the beneficiaries to them and the connection to other organizations, entities, or institutions, from which they can receive extra or supplementary help.

The legal Service is staffed with one sociologist, four lawyers and with volunteers.

 Legal Service “Sym- Parastasi” provides legal advices for consumer, labor,

social welfare issues (relief from debts arising from credit cards, mortgages etc) and human rights issues. Representation in the Court of Law is also possible, but only in specific cases.

For information about the Legal Service “Sym- Parastasi” look here : facebook

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