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Vulnerable Social Groups

Our philosophy:

Under the present circumstances, social solidarity operates as a dynamic constant, as a reference point, as an incentive for activation aiming to the change and reconstruction in social and personal level.

The ARSIS Service for the Support of  Vulnerable Social Groups develops policies and services designed to support people who are socially affected, and it is grounded on the philosophy of social solidarity, equal partnership and mutual support.

It sets up a social network in order to assist people in overcoming the difficult conditions in which they live, by establishing structures and organizing operations for their support and care, by mobilizing and raising citizens’ awareness and by conducting interventions led by volunteers.


ARSIS assists people facing serious difficulties in their personal and social life and who seek our support.

Homeless, destitute, immigrants, refugees, ex-drag addicts, ex-prisoners and other persons who feel excluded from the economic and social life and look for help to in order to deal with the first-priority living and social needs, such as shelter, food, work, health, communication, social participation, social contribution. ARSIS supports them through actions that it manages to plan and implement thanks to the valuable – in many cases – contribution of the beneficiaries themselves.

The support offered by our service can be summarized in the following activities:

Material support with the offer of emergency and relief items:

In a specially designed area, we collect the emergency and relief items that our fellow citizens offer to ARSIS. Among others, the items offered include all kinds of clothes, dry food, household goods, toys, etc. and anyone in need has access to them, without requiring any document or money.

Advisory support

In a welcoming atmosphere, beneficiaries can discuss their problems, needs and demands, and our trained staff encourage their involvement and social participation in their efforts to improve their living conditions. This process, which is performed individually or in groups and always with discretion, leads to the establishment of trustful relations, which can act beneficially to the psychological support of people in need.

Legal Counseling

Expert legal associates of ARSIS offer a legal advice service. It covers the entire spectrum of legal issues that a beneficiary may need. Legal counseling regards the provision of advice and guidance to the beneficiary, as well as his/her connection to the service legal assistance of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki.

Links and references to bodies of social protection

ARSIS actively participates in atypical networks for social protection together with other non-governmental organizations, social services, and centers for social support, in order to enhance the support towards the beneficiaries. To a large extend, this type of interface has managed to facilitate the access of beneficiaries to medical, legal services to social welfare and housing.