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Our Shelters: “Shelters for unaccompanied minors “

Three shelters operate under the supervision of ARSIS and in cooperation with the the Ministry of Labour,Social Welfare and Social Solidarity  and European Refugee Fund.. The shelters are located in Oraiokastro, Thessaloniki, in Makrinitsa, Volos, and in Alexandroupoli.

Target group:

Unaccompanied minors who are refugees, and who travel great distances, endangering their life in order to arrive to Greece. They seek a new country in order to have a decent life and to be able to find shelter, food, education, work and social protection. According to the international and national regulation, the rights of these children need to be respected and the best interest of the child needs to be taken into account.

The provided services are:

• Immediate intervention in the detainment centers in the borders of the country (Alexandroupoli- Ferres, Orestiada).

• Reception of unaccompanied minors during their release from detainment and care for the preservation of their basic rights and needs.
• Accommodation during which the following services are offered:
-Sheltering, food and provision of basic necessities
-Greek language lessons
-Healthcare provision in cooperation with the local health clinics.
-Organization of educational, social and recreational events and interlinking with educational programs and creative activities.
-Psychosocial support.
-Information and support for independent living, social inclusion and facilitation the procedure of entering the job market.
-Legal assistant in the procedure for asylum applications.

1. Proin Pedopoli of Agios DimitriosΠ
Oraiokastro, Thessaloniki, 57013
Phone and fax number: 00302310 694878
Contact person: Irida Pandiri

2. Makrinitsa, Volos
Postcode: 37011
Phone and fax number: 00302428099939 and 00302428099949
Contact person: Ioanna Repana

3. Alexandroupoli
2nd kilometer of Alexandroupoli-Makri, 68100
Phone number: 00302551 550002
Phone number-fax number: 00302551 038947, 00302551 038952
Contact person: Ermioni Stamati