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Destination Unknown



Destination Unknown is an international campaign to protect children on the move led by Terre des Hommes International Federation and its member organisations. It is supported by partners who will join forces to develop protection mechanisms for children on the move, raise awareness and advocate the campaign messages for policy change.

Children on the move is a complex and growing phenomenon at global level. Children have the right to move and be protected. Prevention aiming at simplistically avoid children to move has proven to be inappropriate. This also hampers the fundamental right of a child to move. Their mobility is neither good nor bad in itself. However, when moving, children become more vulnerable and at risk of violence.

Children must be able to realize their rights to move while they are entitled to protection against any forms of violence. This is not a reality today. This major challenge is basically what Destination Unknown is about: Children on the move have the right to move as well as being protected, based on their best interest and on their views, independently of their migration status, gender, age, health, nationality, religious or cultural belongings.

With Destination Unknown, Terre des Hommes intends to promote protection and best interest of the child whenever she or he moves away from home. By joining forces with partners, Terre des Hommes will:

  • RAISE AWARENESS by showing concrete violations of rights experienced by children due to the lack of specific protection and services when they move.
  • OPERATE by programs that develop solutions and put in place protection measures for children from their place of origin to their final destination.
  • ADVOCATE by influencing policy, practice and legislation based on solution that respond to the needs and interests of children on the move

To do so, Terre des Hommes will engage directly with children and youths to give primacy to their views on how to protect children when they move.

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