TRANSITION PROJECT: “A study in finding shared solutions to improve Roma and Sinti’s housing Conditions”

Progress “EU program for Employment and Social Solidarity 2007-2013”, coordinated by Dynamo “Network for street workers” 2011


CHILD BEGGING: Study on typology and policy responses to child begging in EU

European Commission


Network of social structures to combat poverty in the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Poverty is a violation of human dignity and abuses human rights . The Greek society is currently going through a particularly difficult period due to the economic crisis and much of the population has been led to unemployment and poverty . In a broader effort to alleviate the effects of the crisis , civil groups , businesses , organizations , public and private bodies organize actions and initiatives in support of our fellow citizens affected by poverty.

Under these efforts was developed the program “Network of social structures to combat poverty in the Municipality of Thessaloniki”, coordinated by Arsis – Association for the Social Support of Youth and the Municipality of Thessaloniki in collaboration with PRAKSIS, which has been approved by the Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Welfare and is funded by the European Union and from the European Social Fund and the Greek State and in particular by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”.

The program includes the creation of a network of eight social structures to support individuals and families that are affected economically and are unable to meet basic biotic needs. The Social Grocery, the Social Pharmacy, the Dormitory for Homeless, the  Open Day Center for Homeless, the Soup Kitchen Service, the Public Kitchen Garden, the Intermediation Office and the Time Bank, address in individuals and families, residents of the municipality who are denied the right to a decent living , facing unemployment , forced in homelessness, excluded from public health.