Youth Support Centre

The Youth Support Center operates since 1996 and its target group includes young people and children who are in danger of social exclusion. The center support children by offering psychosocial services.
In particular, young people and children can visit the centre on a daily basis in order to:

-learn about their rights and how they can seek employment
-receive psychosocial support
-receive supportive teaching
-become involved in creative activities
-participate in personal development sessions.

The center is also involved in streetwork aiming at approaching and supporting children who live or wok on the street, such as children begging.

The staff and the volunteers of the Center provide support not only for the children but for their families as well, in an effort to gain important insight into the living situation of the children and to design and implement interventions that are as effective as possible.

Youth Support Centre
Zaliki 2 street, Thessaloniki, 54630
Phone & Fax number: 00302310 228850,00302310 227311
Contact person: Valbona Hystuna